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Teaching Get It

What it means:

Run quickly, and get that thing..

Verbal command – “Get it!” or “Fetch”
Tone of voice – Encouraging, exciting
Hand signal – Point in the appropriate direction

Body Language:

Excited, happy.

Enforcing the command:

Have your puppy on leash, sitting or standing next to you. In your right hand have something (treat or toy) that your puppy is interested in. Toss the item out in front of your puppy. As you toss it, give the command “Get it!”.

How far?

In the beginning, don’t send your puppy out farther than 6 feet or so. As soon as your puppy begins to understand, you can begin to increase the distance.

Do’s and Don’ts:

GO OVERBOARD WITH PRAISE, especially in the beginning. This should be FUN. Motivation will be the key to willing compliance. If your puppy seems unsure, let him sniff the treat or get excited about the toy. The item you use MUST be something your puppy wants.

What your puppy learns:

Cooperation in the context of a game. This command can be used as a reward for good obedience, and lays the foundation for retrieving, tricks, and also helps teach your puppy that active obedience can be fun and rewarding. It also helps to instill greater focus on you, the owner, and is a great way to bond with your puppy.

Written by: Shirley Gibson


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