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Pagan Calendar - December Spells and Rituals

What follows is a listing of the spells and rituals specific to December. Metaphysically, December is a good time to look within, meditate, and regroup before the new year. Focus on magic that purifies, heals, banishes depression, improves endurance, and increases your personal vitality. This is a time to endure, die, and be reborn, the earth tides are turning. A time to explore the darkness, personal alchemy, and spiritual pathways.
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December Spells and Rituals:
Ring of Fire
Dark Shadows
Midnight Moon
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December 2013 Calendar

1 - The festival of Poseidon
2 - New Moon
4 - Bona Dea
5 - Faunalia
9 - The festival of Ops.
11 - Agonalia
13 - Friday the 13th
13 - The Sementivae
15 - Festival of Consus
17 - Full moon - Long Nights Moon
17 - Beginning of Saturnalia
18 - Eponalia
20 - Mother Night
21 - Winter Solstice
21 - Yule
21 - Divalia - Angeronalia
21 - Litha (Southern Hemisphere)
22 - Sun enters Capricorn
23 - The Larentalia
24 - Christmas Eve
25 -  Christmas Day
25 - The birthday of Mithra
25 - Festival of the Invincible Sun God
25 - Feast of Frau Halle
26 - Boxing Day
31 - New Year's Eve
31 - Festival of Hogmanay
31 - Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony
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