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Heavenly Pets is a full service grooming salon with extensive knowledge of all breeds. We are passionate about our craft and stand behind the quality of our work. Whenever possible, we will tailor and customize your pet’s trim to meet your personal taste.

We are committed to making sure that your pet’s grooming experience is as stress free as possible. Because of this commitment, please see our policy page if your dog is extensively matted, has an aggressive temperament, or if you have a cat.

  • Veterinary care:

As an added convenience veterinary services can be arranged while your pet is here for grooming. Simply call the Raytown Gregory Animal Health Center and make arrangements for your pet to be seen by a veterinarian while at Heavenly Pets being groomed. Their phone number is: 816-353-6681.

  • Products We Use:

We use only organic, biodegradable, natural shampoos and conditioners. Our flea shampoo is an herbal preparation that is safe for use in combination with other flea control products. It does not have a residual effect.

  • Our Prices:

Unless you are one of our regular clients, we cannot give you an exact quote without first seeing your pet.

3 Responses to Our Services

  • I have a Chihuahua, rat terrier (??) He’s 10 lbs.. His vet is, GREGORY Animal Clinic, right by you. His name is Spike Gregory. He’s had all his shots and heart guard meds and flea and tick meds. Anyways…
    He needs all the grooming done.. He needs the anal glands done up.. Some hair trimming on his butt and undercarriage, LOL!! No, really.. I’m serious. Pet Smart does, not, do his anal glands right. Had to have Dr. Chirpnik (??) Anyhoo,
    Sorry, I’m long winded.. Just need some pricing??

    • If you need prices, give us a call during our regular business hours. Sorry, we don’t monitor this website daily… so it’s not a good place to ask questions. Again, so sorry for the late reply!

  • I am moving to the Raytown area on Nov 10 from Hannibal, Mo. My Harli, a 10 lb female doxiepoo, just got groomed today. We are looking forward to meeting you! ❤️ She’s my baby bird. 💕

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
—Roger Caras

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