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Meditation for Repair and Restoration

Perhaps something in your life, inner or outer, needs repair or
restoration. Life is calling you now to take action and take yourself
in hand. Instead of being afraid that you can't do it, allow yourself
to feel the One Being acting through you. This pathway of the heart
asks for concentrated, creative energy.

The Meditation:

Center again in the heart.

Breathe the sound Ya JaBaar rhythmically, bending slightly
forward as you breathe out, and back as you breathe in.

Allow the sound to rock you into action, like the feeling of riding
a camel in the caravan of life.

Allow the sound to spread first to the periphery, and feel healthy
boundaries restored.

Then gently invite all voices of your inner self to gather, and
allow the arms of the Beloved to enfold you in healing.

Continue the meditation for 15 to 20 minutes. For best results, commit
to it as a 40 day practice.

From The Sufi Book of Life
by Neil Douglas-Klotz
Midnight Moon
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