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Pagan Calendar - July Spells and Rituals

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July Spells and Rituals:
Ring of Fire
Dark Shadows
Midnight Moon
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July 2014 Calendar

2: Feast of Expectant Mothers
3 thru Aug 11: Dog Days of Summer
3: Festival of Cerridwen
4: Independence Day
5: Poplifugia
7: Festival of the Handmaidens - Nonae Caprotinae
7: Tanabata
7: Rumilia Festival
8: Holly Moon begins
9: Day of Unn the Wise Person
10: Day of Hel
10: Festival of Knut the Reaper
10: Lady Godiva Day
11: Naadam Festival
12: Full moon - Buck Moon
13: O-Bon Festival
14: Uruz - The second rune cycle begins
15: St. Swithin's Day
15: Day of Rauni
16: Feast of Our Lady of Carmel
17: Festival of Amaterasu
17: The Maidens Fair on Hen Mountain
18: Day of Bad Omens
19: Feast of Kuan Yin
19: Lucaria
20: Moon Day
21: Sun enters Leo
22: Feast of Mary Magdalene
23: Neptunalia
23: Sign of the Sunflower Begins
23: Saint Anne's Eve
25: Furinalia
26: New Moon
27 - 31: The Five Epagomenal Days
27: Birthday of Osiris
28: Birthday of Horus
29: Birthday of Set
30: Birthday of Isis
31: Birthday of Nephthys
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