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Pagan Calendar - February Spells and Rituals

For people living in four-season climates, the snows begin to accumulate and winter winds decorate the windows with frosty reminders of the outside chill. Because of this, magic for continued health is fitting during November, as are spells and charms for protection.Wintery months also seem to be a time for introspection - to us divination tools for foresight and preparation, to seek guidance within, and to ask the Goddess for a special spiritual vision to carry us through the last months of the year.
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February Spells and Rituals:
Ring of Fire
Dark Shadows
Midnight Moon
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February 2014 Calendar

1: Festival of Brigit
2: Imbolc
2: Lammas or Lughnasadh (Southern Hemisphere)
2: Candlemas
3: Setsubun
4: Disting - The Charming of the Plow
4: King Frost Day
5: St Agatha's Day
5 thru 17: Fornacalia - The Day of the Ovens
6: The Aphrodesia
7: Day of Selene
8: Festival for the Broken Needles
10: Chinese New Year - Year of the Snake begins
12: Festival of Artemis
13-21: The Parentalis
14: Valentine's Day
14: Full moon - Quickening Moon
15: Lupercalia
17: Festival of Quirinus
21: Feralia
21: Sun enters Pisces
22: Caristia
23: Festival of Terminus
24: Flight of the King - Regifugium
24: Russian Butter Festival
28: The epic poem, Kalevala, is celebrated by the Finns
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