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Banishing Spells

Banishing Poverty
This is a very easy and simple spell which uses easily available ingredients to banish poverty (and anything else you'd like to get rid of) from your life.

Banishing Blocks With Water Undines
A very easy spell. Undines are female derivatives of water spirits. The undines contribute to the universal life force through purification, movement and sound. This spell uses the properties of water turned to ice.

Banishing Worry, Unpaid Bills, and Bad Vibes
A very powerful banishing spell to pull worry, fear, bad vibes, unpaid bills, (and just about anything that contributes to negativity) out of your home and out of your life. It can be done anytime during the full or waning moon.

Deter Unwanted Visitors
A very easy and simple spell to avoid being revisited by an unwanted caller.

Rain Spell to Banish Bad Habits and Negativity
An easy spell that can be used to banish, and/or dissolve and wash away anything negative or hurtful in your life.

Cone of Power Banishing Spell
Use the power of meditation and visualization to create a cone of power to banish all negativity from your home.

Apple Mint Banishing Spell
An easy banishing spell using the cleansing power of mint and an apple.

Blowing Darts Banishing Spell
This is a spell to break and remove all the bad energy, negativity, bad luck, hexes, and etc. that others have put on you, or that you have inadvertently collected or allowed. It is a very powerful spell and should not be undertaken lightly.

Pour Out Your Troubles
A very easy and effective spell for a full moon night.
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