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Pagan Calendar - April Spells and Rituals

We all know the rhyme "April showers bring May flowers." So consider what energies you want Aprilis to sprinkle on you this month for personal flowering. Overall, any magical efforts aimed toward growth, love, pleasure, improvements, and developing one's inner child will benefit from working this month. Direct your energy into creating and producing.

This is also an optimum time for magickal workings involving the following: return balance to the nerves; change; self confidence; self reliance; take advantage of opportunities; work on temper and emotional flare-ups and selfishness.
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April Spells and Rituals:
Ring of Fire
Dark Shadows
Midnight Moon
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April 2014 Calendar

1: April Fool's Day / Loki's Day
1: The Veneralia
4: Ching Ming - Tomb Sweeping Day (China) - sometimes falls on April 5
4 - 10: Megalesia
5: Lady Luck Day, the festival Fortuna
6: National Tartan Day
6: Daffodil Sunday
8: Hana-Matsuri - Japanese Flower Festival
8: Geranium Day
9: A-ma Festival
12: Chhau Festival
12 - 19: Ludi Cereales
13: Songkran
14: Passover begins at sundown
15: Fordicia, the festival of Tellus, 
15: Full moon -- Wind Moon - Lunar Eclipse
16: The feast day of St. Bernadette.
19: Festival of Ceres
20: Furukawa Matsuri
20: Easter Sunday
21: Dyngus Day - Easter Monday
21: Egg Rolling Day
21: Palilia (Parilia), the festival of Pales
21: Sun enters Taurus
22: Festival of Ishtar
22: Earth Day
23: St George's Day
23: Peppercorn Ceremony
25: The Robigalia, the festival of Robigus,
28 - May 1 The Floralia
29: Tako-Age  - Kite Flying Day
29: New Moon - Solar Eclipse
30: May Day Eve - Walpurgisnacht
30: Beltane
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