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Quotes by Alan Watts
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Your soul isn't in your body;
your body is in your soul.

~Alan Watts
It is obvious that the only interesting people are interested people, and to be completely interested is to have forgotten about "I".

~Alan Watts
It seems that I know that I know. What I would like to see is the 'I' that knows me when I know that I know that I know.

~Alan Watts
So, the whole idea, you see, is that everything's falling apart, so don't try and stop it. When you're falling off a precipice, it doesn't do you any good to hang onto a rock that's falling with you. See? But everything is doing that. And so, again, this is another case of our completely wasting our energy in trying to prevent the world from falling apart. Don't do it. And then you'll be able to do something interesting with the free energy.

~Alan Watts
Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.

~Alan Watts
Advice? I don't have advice. Stop aspiring and start writing. If you're writing, you're a writer. Write like you're a goddamn death row inmate and the governor is out of the country and there's no chance for a pardon. Write like you're clinging to the edge of a cliff, white knuckles, on your last breath, and you've got just one last thing to say, like you're a bird flying over us and you can see everything, and please, for God's sake, tell us something that will save us from ourselves. Take a deep breath and tell us your deepest, darkest secret, so we can wipe our brow and know that we're not alone. Write like you have a message from the king. Or don't. Who knows, maybe you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to.

~Alan Watts
How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself anything less than a god.

~Alan Watts
And although our bodies are bounded with skin, and we can differentiate between outside and inside, they cannot exist except in a certain kind of natural environment.

~Alan Watts
Only words and conventions can isolate us from the entirely undefinable something which is everything.

~Alan Watts
And the attitude of faith is the very opposite of clinging to belief, of holding on.

~Alan Watts
Life exists only at this very moment, and in this moment it is infinite and eternal, for the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever....

~Alan Watts
Buddhism has in it no idea of there being a moral law laid down by some kind of cosmic lawgiver.

~Alan Watts
Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes.

~Alan Watts
You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.

~Alan Watts
If you love a person, you say to that person, "Look, I love you, whatever that may be. I've seen quite a bit of it and I know there's lots that I haven't seen, but still it's you and I want you to be what you want to be. And I won't be happy if I've got you in a cage. You'd be a bird without song."

~Alan Watts
You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.

~Alan Watts
Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes.

~Alan Watts
Thus bamboozled, the individual--instead of fulfilling his unique function in the world--is exhausted and frustrated in efforts to accomplish self-contradictory goals. Because he is now so largely defined as a separate person caught up in a mindless and alien universe, his principal task is to get one-up on the universe and to conquer nature.

~Alan Watts
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