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Welcome to the Gospel Missionary Message. We are committed to sharing a vision of love and dedication. We hope you enjoy the message, the images, and the moments here with us.

Most of the images on this website are from photos taken by Bill Gibson. The stories, letters, and Sunday Sermons are an archive that I have saved from the days when Bill and his wife, Gladis served as missionaries in Ecuador, SA, Colombia, SA, Alaska, US, and Juarez, Mexico from 1949 thru 2003.

Individually, the images and messages are inspiring and interesting. Collectively, they tell a wonderful story of faith, love, and sacrifice. I think of these posts as little missionaries, going out into the world to bless each person who receives them.

Many of the vintage photographs are available for sale as a greeting cards or on merchandise available at our Cafe Press store.  

We would love to hear your comments and observations as you explore this online journal. So, feel free to post comments and questions. 

We hope you find our website and our cards inspirational and interesting. It is our vision that these images, these greeting cards, and the message on this website will be shared with family and friends – and then shared again – and again.

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The Archives
About Bill and Gladis

In 1949, Bill and Gladis Gibson left family and friends behind and began their lives together as missionaries to the Jivaro (Shuar) Indians in Ecuador South America.
This took an incredible amount of courage and faith because at that time, the Shuar were fierce indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest, actively engaging in feuds, vendettas, witchcraft, and violence.

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