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Can You See Me Now?

So, I’m exhausted from looking for a fix to my problem of images not showing up when I share something on Facebook. I can find the “reason” for the issue, but nothing that gives me any idea of “how to actually do it.” By the time I get this problem solved, I should be eligible for a Masters Degree in figuring out ways to solve problems on what should be a simple website but which is, of course, not simple at all because it’s buggy!


Ghost Hugs


If you are here, reading this post… wow… hugs from me for sure!

And the news thus far is as follows: I finally have all the templates done for the Magick section of this site. They look really good, and now I just need to go through each one and get them organized and loaded with some content. I can’t wait to get them up and viewable. As soon as I have something worth seeing, I’ll share the links and get them active on the site. Here’s a list of what I’ve been working on and obsessing over for the last 2 weeks:

  • Gypsy Magick and Lore
  • Pagan Calendar
  • Book of Shadows
  • Divination

Along with them we’ll have these brand new pages:

  • Magickal Apothecary – recipes for potions, powders, elixirs, potpourri, oil blends, and lots more
  • Magickal Ingredients – an encyclopedia of magickal ingredients
  • Powers that Be – Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, Elemental Spirits, Totem Animals, Guardian Spirits and more.



Yes! I’m finally getting the hang of making templates and tweaking them on wordpress. And I have some brand new pages up and running. I really love how the new mini-site looks. It’s all about divination, and comes complete with our own Fortune Teller. Here are a couple of links to get you started exploring, if you’re interested:

Plumbing Issues

Well, my super cool and fun Ask The Plumber page quit working after the first day. So, I have devised a fix and a work around, which I hope will actually work. I’d love it if someone would actually go and check it out for me and let me know if it’s still working or if it’s broken again. I love that little script and I really hope it continues to work for everyone. When I asked him how to fix his widget, he told me to:  “Hit it with a hammer, hard.”  LOL



Just A Note

Starting_to_sew_a_quilt sizedReworking this website is like making a patchwork quilt out of a whole bunch of different fabrics, and trying to piece it all together in a coherent whole, without leaving actual holes anywhere, all the while not really knowing how to sew, and having to do it all by hand…

I did, however, update the site map. 🙂

My Personal Blog Up and Running


I’ve got something new, and it’s ready to be seen!  It’s my personal blog, here’s a link: Hey It’s Me. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I already have a fun new feature on it. The Plumber Dude is open and ready to answer any how-to or fix-it question you might have.  Go check it out. Leave a comment if you like what you see.

Unfortunately, this is the only place on the site (as of right now) where the new blog can be accessed because I am still having issues with the main menu on the site, I haven’t succeeded in figuring out how to add the wordpress links without having to edit every single nav bar on the site – which would be a pain in the ass, but ok, except for the fact that when I edit them, they change color and won’t change back because I’m so clueless about the CSS styling.

Spinning My Wheels


Wow… It’s so much harder to update the main menu on the website than I thought it would be, and I somehow changed the color on the home page menu, and can’t figure out how to change it back, even though I’m the one who made that menu to begin with… aaarrrggghhh…

So, for now, the menu at the top does not reflect any of the new pages. And since none of them are done yet, I guess it really doesn’t matter too much. On a positive note, the Site News blog is done and I think it looks pretty good.

Sadly, the RSS feed on the home page looks like crap and I don’t know how to fix that yet either. So, lots and lots of work to be done, and a number of learning curves yet to be mastered. That’s for sure.

Day 7

pandorasboxopenIt’s been a week since I opened the Pandora’s Box also known as “totally change the website so it’s easier for me to get it done.” And so far, I have moved up a few points on the steep learning curve that is a WordPress Multisite, and I’m feeling more and more confident about my abilities to make custom templates for each of the new blogs that will begin to replace somewhat busy but basically cool static content.

There is still a lot to be done, and I’m hoping that my site news feed on the front page is looking alright.

My biggest issue right now is getting the site news blog (this one) tweaked to my satisfaction, so that I can move on to the more interesting ones. When I get it how I want it, I’ll add it to the main menu, and post a short update.

Of course, then I will have to do the tedious work of updating all the main menus on every page that it will eventually matter. I’m not planning to update the pages that will be converted to blog format because it would take me forever (which is one of the main reasons why I’m switching things around).

I Wonder
“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” — Robert Schuller

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