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I am currently taking suggestions for upcoming projects. The next one is scheduled to begin on April 1st, and while I do have a good idea of what I’d like to explore, I am open to ideas and input. So, if you have anything you’d like to try, now is a good time to put in any requests you might have.

Project Update



Hi guys. I’m about halfway through with the migration of our Gypsy Magic project from blogger to its new home here. It’s been really fun and interesting to revisit the comments and the posts from 10 + years ago.

Our countdown timer says we have only a week until the next project begins. It occurred to me that we just spent 30 days saying “I AM.” And I can say with complete confidence and absolute certainty that “I AM a being of Violet Fire.” But I am also a number of other things as well. And some of those other things… Well…  you know. They’re not so great, actually.

So I wanted to do a project to help me to define who I really am, what it is that I really want, what do I have to work with, what are my strengths, my weaknesses,  the challenges and obstacles, and I’m hoping that in the process of this self exploration, I will begin to create a plan for my life that actually works. A plan that works because it’s based on the reality of who I really am.

I think I’m going to call it, Laying The Groundwork. The idea will be to create a foundation; to explore the basics or fundamentals of who we are, what we want, and what it is that we have to work with.

I thought it would be interesting to explore some of the following questions:

  • Who are we really?
  • What are our raw materials?
  • What does prosperity actually look like?
  • What are our strengths?
  • Our weaknesses?
  • Our fatal flaws?
  • Our greatest assets?
  • How do we create roadblocks to our success?
  • And why?

If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, insights, revelations, questions, or comments. Please, I’d love to hear them. This next project is still feeling very nebulous.

So Now What?


We’ve finished our Violet Flame project, and I’d like to take a few days to migrate the Gypsy Magick, Does it work? project from its original home on blogger, to its new home here at shirleytwofeathers.com. I will be back dating the posts to match the original dates of the project. We practiced Gypsy Magick way back in November of 2006… can you believe it was that long ago?

In the interim, I’ll be sharing the Gypsy Magick posts on the Facebook page, just in case anyone is interested in trying one or two of them. Because I’m trying to get this done in a hurry, I will be uploading way more than one post a day. Not sure if I’ll share all of them on the Facebook page or just a few. What do you guys think?

Our next project is due to begin on Feb 15th. I’ll be posting about it in a day or two… so stay tuned. In the mean time, I’ll leave you with an old Gypsy saying:


Go with God!
Stay with God!
Go, for God’s sake!
Stay, for God’s sake!
By God!

Or as a Transylvanian Gypsy would say:

Ja Develehi!
Az Develehi!
Ja Develeskey!
Az Develeskey!
Heri Devlis!

Hello world!


So I’ve decided to move The Prosperity Project. My idea is to move the blog posts from blogger in the order in which they were originally posted, and then back date them so that the dates match. While I’m at it, I’m going to move the comments as well. And then, once an entire project is moved, I’ll redirect those posts from blogger to shirleytwofeathers.com and start on the next one.

At the same time, I’m planning on starting a whole new project on Jan 1st. The new project will be posted in real time, and I’ll be continuing to move the older projects as fast as I can … This all sounds wonderfully complicated. And I hope I’m not biting off too much more than I can chew! LOL. But we’ll see how it goes.

If you’ve wandered onto this site in the last week or two, I apologize for the disarray… it’s not quite finished. I still have tweaks and perks to add to the basic layout, and the Inspiration and Insight page on the main site isn’t updated at all yet. I’m sure it’s a hot mess!

Nevertheless… I love that you’re here already!! Bear with me, I’ll get the subscription forms and all the links and everything up and double checked pretty soon!

Bright Blessings!


Current Project
Our current project began on April 1st. We are exploring The Little Engine that Could, getting motivated, and spending the next 30 days accomplishing our goals. Feel free to join in at any time.
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