Bury a piece of paper in the snow with a wish for something you want to hold or freeze in place. This is a great spell for anyone wishing to maintain a title or honor. It will stop your competition from achieving success. If snow is not available, bury the paper in crushed ice and place in the freezer.



Use the Snow Moon’s energy for setting magickal goals into motion, as well as planning for the reinvention of your life.Take advantage of this transitional period to set your goals for the future in motion.

Spell to manifest your goals

Cut 3 bud-covered tree branches and tie them together with a green ribbon. Carrying the bundle of branches and a silver coin (together they symbolize growth and success) stand outdoors after dark, beneath the Snow Moon.

Looking up at the moon, speak aloud your most secret wish.

With deep reverence, raise the bundle and the coin and speak the following chant:

All nature is still
But as the world retreats into darkness
My wish will be nurtured,
And eventually fulfilled.

Keep your coin and branches until the spell does its work.

Source: 2008 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac
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