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Instant Mantras:

These mantras may be chanted anytime to instantly work on you.
They work on individual chakras. If you cannot identify the
problem but still need healing, you may try you these mantras one
by one chanting each for at least two or three minutes. The mantra
that heals you and makes you most comfortable is the mantra for
you, and the problem you are facing is the one written above it.

Are you feeling mentally lethargic with a feeling of spaciness?
Are you emotionally unstable ?
Get secure with: the LAM mantra.
Chant "Lam Lam Lam Lam .... "
silently or loudly .. just for a few minutes ..
Are you beginning to feel more stability?
Do you have more energy?

Maybe you are gripped with fear and insecurity.
Do you have addictions which you need to get rid of?
Face the fear and let go with: the VAM mantra.
Chant "Vam Vam Vam Vam .... "
silently or loudly .. just for a few minutes ..
See how you are filled with courage?

Do you have anger because you feel victimized?
Are you feeling loss of self esteem?
Are you stressed and depressed?
Stop your worries with: the RAM mantra.
Chant"Ram Ram Ram Ram .... "
silently or loudly .. just for a few minutes ..
See how you calm down?

Are you hurt emotionally?
Are you feeling lonely and depressed?
Heal your heart with: the YAM mantra.
Chant " Yam Yam Yam Yam .... "
silently or loudly .. just for a few minutes ..
See how your heart is healing by itself?

Are you stressed out due to jealously?
Do you constantly compare yourself with others?
Are you feeling negativity welling up in you as you see the success
of another person?
Realise your own uniqueness with: the HAM mantra.
Chant "Ham Ham Ham Ham .... "
silently or loudly .. just for a few minutes ..
See how you turn your energy inwards?

Do you feel you are very serious, rigid and often stubborn?
Are you unable to accept others ideas easily?
Do you have difficulty making decisions?
Accept the flow of life easily with: the AUM mantra.
Chant "Aum Aum Aum Aum .... "
silently or loudly .. just for a few minutes ..
See how it opens you up?

Are you feeling depressed and alienated?
Are you are gripped with obsessional thinking and/or confusion?
Do you feel discontented often and feel negativity towards life in
Open yourself up with: the SHREEM mantra.
Chant " Shreem Shreem Shreem Shreem .... "
silently or loudly .. just for a few minutes ..
See how it effects positivity over you?

These short mantras can also be used as part of a regular mantra

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